Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kaiserhaus@The Capitol

A few weeks ago, there was an article about the newly opened Kaiserhaus at the newly renovated The Capitol building at City Hall.  Frankly speaking, I had never stepped into The Capitol building before the renovation.  It is a building that belongs to the bygone period, sealed in the dusty cabinets of history.

The new Capitol building is bright, shiny, yet still retains a sense of old-time elegance.  Kaiserhaus is located right on top of the entrance of the famed Capitol Theatre.  It takes up two levels, so there is quite some seating capacity.

As recommended by the newspaper article, I ordered the Gourmet Beef set.  Didn't know this set is also called the Emperor's set, said to be the favourite food of one of the Austrian-German Emperors.
This set comes with an instruction manual on how to enjoy it.

Gourmet Beef Set User Manual

While waiting for my Emperor set, we enjoyed a glass of beer.  They had a promotion, S$18++ for two beers plus a side dish, choose between bread or fried crispy mushrooms.

The black beer was a bit bitter sweet.  In a slightly hazy afternoon, with a glass of Austrian black beer in hand, with a full window view of the charm of young-old Capitol building, well, what a beautiful world!

Gourmet Beef Set

Then my Gourmet Beef set came.  Stewed beef with mixed vegetables in an old-fashioned copper pot, together with the side dishes - spinach, bread, potatoes, etc.

I was expecting the beef to be quite hard and chewy, but it turned out to be very tender.  You can easily cut it up with no force required on your knife.  The smell of some spice permeates in the soup.

I only ordered a one person set for S$38++, for a two person set, the cost is $76++.  However, if you are not a very big eater, or not very hungry, a one person set is enough for two person, especially if one is a girl.

I look forward to a 2nd visit :)

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