Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ebene Bio-ray Knee Guard - Continued

This is a follow-up post on a previous entry:

My mum has been using the Ebene bio-ray knee guards for more than a month now. Her knee pain was relieved just after a week, but then her legs became a bit swollen. So she stopped for a few days for her legs to return to normal, and then started using the knee guards again, for reduced time.

She used to wear the knee guards over night, but now she only wears them for a few hours a day.

The result so far are very good. Her knee used to look like a big trunk, the knee cap was not even visible. bBt now, the size of her knee has reduced, the knee cap can be seen. She no longer afraid of cold, the pain in her knee also significantly reduced.

Those knee guards are selling at Guardian stores with a 20% discount now. A good time to give it a try if you have not. :)

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