Saturday, September 27, 2008

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant

Lunch at Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant at Ngee Ann City today.

Ordered some dim sum and one Green Wresse. The dim sum was not bad, they use whole prawns in every single dim sum dish. You can only see this in some more expensive dim sum places. The mass produced Singapore dim sum does not use whole prawn, maybe just a slight bit of prawn meat.

The Green Wresse was nice, tasted good. The tenderness and the freshness are evident. However, at that price of S$14 per 100g, it had better be. For the one we ordered, it set us back by 84 bucks.

The shark's fin Chinese dumpling is a disappointment though. There is little shark's fin in it, although there is lots of sundry fish 'air-bag' (?). The soup is tasteless.

My over-all rating for this restaurant is at most a 3.5/5.
The total cost of this meal for two is S$133.00, one of the most expensive lunches I ever had :(

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