Monday, September 8, 2008


Greed took the better of me. The sharp fall last week lured me into shorting two counters. And I started with a couple of hundred dollars of profit, but greed made me hold on to my short positions, hoping to profit more.

Probably that's the mentality of all unsuccessful gamblers, punters, whatsoever. My short positions went from profit to big losses in a day's time. The stupid counters went down a lot in a day, but it also went up a lot in a day.

The moral of the story? In such a volatile market, whenever you get some profit, grap it and run. Faithfulness is more of a flaw in your personality than a virtue.

Licking my wounds now....


  1. may i ask what are the counters?

  2. stanley, tell u when we meet, or thru msn, ok?

  3. yah actually that's more appropriate