Monday, January 12, 2009

Can You Tell Me?

I encountered something strange today. I have a photo approved at ShutterStock. Looking at it at my home computer, the background looks clean - it is white. However, when I look at it at my office computer, it looks ugly. The background is not white, but with patches of gray or something on the left! Ok, the same photo may look different at different monitors. And it is only 'accurate' on a 'calibrated' monitor, while neither my home monitor nor my office monitor is calibrated, but so far I have never had any issues with my home monitor. It is not the best, but then what looks good at my monitor must have looked good at the reviewer's as well; otherwise, the photo would not be approved in the first place!

But for this one, I am a bit confused. Below is the photo in question, do you see some strange patches in the white space on the left of the orange?

1 comment:

  1. Looks ok on my Imac. Maybe it is color space related? I get color problems on my same monitor running different software!