Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kyoto 2: Ginkakuji (银阁寺)

Ginkakuji (temple of the silver pavilion) and Kinkakuji (temple of the golden pavilion) are the two most famous temples in Kyoto, or even Japan. Ask my opinion about Ginkakuji?

My answer: A great disappointment!!


See for yourself...

The silver pavilion itself is under renovation. It seems like they had torn down the entire pavilion and then rebuild it. Although the name is 'silver pavilion', the pavilion has never been painted silver before. I hope after this renovation, or re-building, they will actually paint it in silver to match its name.

I couldn't see the silver pavilion, so I was left with the grey Zen sand dune in the court yard to stare at, supposing to meditate in the tourist crowd ;P
In addition, the students on their study tours are the additional 'scenary' for you to see in the temple. There were flocks of Japanese students doing their study tours. If you happen to get lost or don't know how to go to a certain place, following the students will be a good idea.

When I was there, it was the special month that they put their national treasure kept the temple up in display to the public. I walked around the place where the treasure was supposed to be displayed, but I couldn't see anything. Never mind, I am used to it. It seems in Japan, their national treasure is always something small, maybe a small painting, or a small buddha's statue, or something hard for you to see.

Oh, never mind, at least I can still enjoy the good view from the small hill behind the temple.

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