Saturday, January 17, 2009

Muscle and Fitness War 2009

Muscle and Fitness War is a body-building competition organized by an NUS sub-club. This year it was held at Vivo City this afternoon.

There were lots of BIG guys there. They have really big muscles, so big that you might think it is a bit out of shape, or too big to be naturally beautiful. Anyway, they have their own standard of judging the muscle beauty, although I cannot fully appreciate it.

Just to share some of the shots I took today.

This is one guy I think looks more natural and more acceptable, but he only came in the 5th place in the above 170cm catagory.

This is our 1st runner-up from NTU. His muscles look more like fibres than muscles to me.

Here is our champion. Every single piece of muscle on his body is perfect. There is no body fat. Looks great.

Anyway, congratulations to all the winners. It is a reward for all that effort and commitment and sacrifices they have made for the sport of body-building.

In terms of photography, I like the photo of the champion because the sun came out and shone directly on him at the golden hour. His body is literally 'glowing' :)

More photos can be found here:
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