Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kal's Wedding

Tonight is Kal's big day, well, one of his big days, as he has to go through the same stuff 3 times, in 3 different locations. 

The wedding banquet was at Civil Service Club at Bukit Batok.  Only 10 tables, so it was hosted in a very cosy room.  The waiters there somehow dresses like the gang member in ShanghaiTan.  What's more funny was the sitting arrangement.  Kal somehow mixed his poly friend with his colleagues.  You saw among one table, only one or two 'outsiders'.  At our table, only one couple from his poly friends. 

The food was just so so, not very fantastic.  Somehow they messed up the sequence, and we were scratching out head how come chicken looked more like duck, and tasted like duck ;P

The messing up of sitting arrangement had some positive effects too.  At our table, Kal's poly friend, Qian Long, is a very friend chap to talk with.  He spent 3 years studying in Japan and achieved JLPT1.  I was like a dwarf standing in front of a giant. 

A pleasant wedding banquet.  Wish Kal's & Lisa living happily ever after :)

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