Thursday, June 5, 2014

Miam Miam

Miam Miam is a Malaysian restaurant specializing in some kind of fusion food, fusion of the west and the east, or South East Asia to be more precise.  But then according to the restaurant's website, it is a French cuisine with a Japanese twist.  Mmmh?

Anyway, their menu does have some French influence, with the flirting, curvy fonts used.

My friend's order was the minestrone soup with a slice of garlic bread.  The soup was quite watery, with some celery, and carrot.  The taste was average.

My order was Scouffle au Curry.  Didn't know what that was when I ordered, but just tried anything new anyway.  It came up looking pretty nice.  My friend insisted to know what was hidden underneath the beautiful, foamy egg crust, so here is a peek of the content.

It consists of Japanese short grain rice, onion, sausage, carrot, and broccoli.  The rice is not the dry and hard kind, but the moist and soft kind. It kind of reminds me of Italy's risotto.   I would say curry and onion combination is one of the best.  Onions' fragrance with curry's spiciness, plus the soft rice, it is actually not bad.

This restaurant is a bit expensive for the kind of food they offer.  Luckily at least I still enjoyed my food.

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