Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ramen Play

Ramen Play is located at Bishan MRT station, tucked in the corner, and on the 2nd floor, sharing the same entrance as Toast Box.  It is really out of place, and you would expect few people will even notice this restaurant.  In reality, many people do.  When we were there, there was a small queue there, although we were ushered in within 10 minutes.

When I browsed through their menu, then I realized they are not just another made-in-Singapore modern ramen restaurant, actually it has quite some history.  Now Singapore's Breadtalk has the foresight to bring them to Singapore.

History aside, what is most important is the food.  My order was Butariki Ishinabe.  Don't know what it is?  Simply put, it is pork + raw egg + rice in a hot stone bowl!  You have to thoroughly mix all the ingredients together, 'fry' them in the piping hot stone bowl.  I kind of like this very much.  The stone bowl is hot, but not too hot.  As you mix all the ingredients together, the rice can get really crispy and give you a bit of crust.  The rice itself tastes good.  Do you know why?  The rice they use is from Niigata, a renowned place in Japan for the best rice!  I must admit I am quite a fan of Japanese short-grain rice.  They are soft & fragrant.

Overall, I would say Ramen Play is not bad, for the price and the quality of food.  Next time, I probably will try their ramen.  Hopefully not too authentically salty :)

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