Monday, June 2, 2014

The Ship Restaurant @NEX

I had wanted to visit The Ship Restaurant at NEX for a long time, but never got the chance, until recently.  We went there on a Thursday night.  The restaurant is small, with quite limited number of tables.  We were sitting right next to the entrance, so in terms of ambiance, not exactly the best place.  

My order is the oxtail stew.  It comes with carrot, cauliflower, and meshed potatoes.  The meat is tender, coupled with the flavouring sauce, it was actually not too bad.  

For dessert, 6 of us share something called Bomb Alaska!  The crust is made of foamed egg white, whilst the filling consists of ice cream and fruits.  The wait time for this dessert is 20 minutes.  When they serve this dessert, they pour some alcohol onto the plate and light it up, giving you the ice & fire feel.  Taste-wise, it suits me, as it is not that sweet!  I was expecting the crust to be like super sweet like those I had in Italy, but no, it only has a slight taste of sweetness, more of the original flavor of the egg white.  

The service was prompt, but then they do make mistakes.  For example, that mushroom soup that I ordered didn't come.  Price wise it is a bit on the high side, comparing the same standard of food elsewhere. 

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