Monday, November 9, 2015

Burger Up

Didn't notice this burger join until recently.  It is located on the ground floor of Yishun Ten, quite convenient to grap a bite before going for the movies.

What is special about this place is the way the customers order their burgers.  There is a vending machine like machine for you to interactively choose the fillings of your burger, from the type of patty, to vegetable, etc.  And you can also choose whether you would like to have side dishes and soft drinks.  Everything is fully customized.  Once you are done with your choices, a receipt is printed out which you take to the cashier to pay for it.  Then you can sit down and wait for your burger to come.

The wait time is around 10-15 minutes, not really fast, probably due to their small kitchen, and the burgers are all fully customized.

The burger came out to be decent, enough to fill your empty tummy, and satisfy your burger craving :)

It is quite novel to me, worth a try.

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