Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Xin Hainan @Serangoon Garden

This is a 'new' restaurant that just opened for 10 months.  The deco is very Chinese.  There are many photographs on the walls, obviously this restaurant was previously known as Xin Haifu (新海府), but changed the name recently.

As we were there for lunch, and still needed to go back to office to work, I ordered fried beef with egg, served with plain rice.   The taste was quite decent.  The egg was smooth, and tasty, but the beef was a bit uneven.  Some slices were really tender, but some were really chewy.  Overall, it was still quite reasonable.

They have a lunch set menu, for my plate of fried beef with egg, the cost was S$6.80++.  I think it is pretty reasonable, considering we are eating in a restaurant.

Their signature dish is said to be the crab porridge, but we didn't have the time to give it a try, maybe next time.

Their service is again, an area for improvement.  I paid my bill with cash, they came back to say that they didn't have change for me.  Well, the change was only 25 cents, not a big deal, but it really doesn't reflect well on them.

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