Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kay Lee @ Suntec City Mall

When the original Kay Lee Roast Meat was sold to Aztech in 2014 for 4 million dollars, it was big news in Singapore.  It was said that the recipe itself was worth more than 1 million dollars.  I was just curious what kind of recipe that would cost this much.

I ordered the 3 combinations with rice.  The 3 combinations include their signature black char siew, roast duck and roast pork.  I have never heard of BLACK char siew before, a black char siew, to me, means the cook was not good enough and the outside is burnt, which is equivalent to say your skills are no good, the food is no good!

When I took my first bite of the black char siew, wow... I was pleasantly surprised.  Never before in my life do I like char siew.  Usually it has a strange taste and I don't like it at all.  The black char siew here is different.  I suspect they use honey during the roasting process, so the char siew still has a tint of honey's sweetness, but not too sweet.  The 'black' part is not burnt, just darken, and it is not carbonized, just darker in color, probably due to the honey.  Inside, the meat is still tender and juicy.  When you bite it, it feel like a naughty boy jumping up and down on a bumping pad.  I told myself, this is the best char siew that I have ever had so far.  The 1 million dollars for its recipe obviously is worth every single cent of it.

The roast duck and the roast pork are decent, but I would say just average,  nothing to wow about.  As a matter of fact, I think both are on the salty side.

I also ordered the salty vegetable and duck soup.  Too much salty vegetable, the only taste of the soup is being salty.  There is room for improvement here.

I will give a 5-star for the black char siew, but at most 3-star for the rest.

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