Monday, October 25, 2010

A Bad Year?

It so happened that a blogger, whose blog I frequent, went into some headwinds in his life after he came back from a free trip to Japan last month.  The frequency he updates his blog has gone way way down than normal and you can somehow sense quite a bit of anxiety and upsets.   By law of attraction, as I am attracted to his blog, and now I am attracting anxiety, as well as some bad luck.

Just when I got comfortable, somebody came up to tell me I must go and my current comfort is not what I deserved.  Too many bridges have been burnt, and I obviously didn't put up some grand fireworks for the grand show, so many are disappointed.  An actor who can't put up a great show will be punished by audience, he will become box office poison that everybody tries to avoid.

It is sad sad sad.  If you are not successful, people don't even want to befriend you, people will only belittle you. Success is the only way out.

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