Saturday, October 16, 2010

detective dee and the mystery of the phantom flame

Detective Dee is another one of the star-studded, big production movies.  The stars are good, including Andy Lau, Liu Jia-ling, Liang Jia Hui and some others.  Their acting skills are not bad.  Then the director added in quite a bit of western style of dreamy fairy kind of computer graphics to make the movie more like happening in a fantacy land, rather than on planet earth. 

However, the story is not that great.  It is ok, but too lengthy, and they don't have much suspense.  I couldn't tell who the bad guy is until towards the end of the movie, but then somehow there is very little ups & downs and the movie simply doesn't attract your attention. 

You can watch this movie in a low cost way when you free and have nothing better to do :)

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