Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tiger Airways Cancels Flights Again

It is the second day it came out in the news that Singapore-based budget airline - Tiger Airways has cancelled flights due to technical faults with two of its 19 A320 Airbus aircraft.  As usual, passengers are not informed, and the solution Tiger offered is less than satisfactory.  Passengers were given two options, one is to get a refund, two is to go on another (Tiger) flight.  Well, at least now is not any major holiday period, imagine if we buy a Tiger Airways ticket to go home for Chinese New Year, and they tell you the flight has been cancelled when you arrive at the airport, at some obscene time of the day, how would you feel?  Worse, you may not get an air ticket to get home to spend the new year with your family without burning a big hole in your wallet.

The purpose of getting a budget airline ticket is to save on the cost of traveling.  The budget airline's duty is to fetch passengers from point A to point B on time, although without all the 'good' services provided by normal airlines.  Now, budget airlines are getting more expensive, and the service is getting more unreliable, then what is the point?

It is also worrying news came out that after Tiger Airways' IPO, a key personnel in the Tiger management team sold off a significant amount of Tiger shares.  It should really get you thinking what is really behind such actions.

I am wondering when we will see an anti-Tiger Airways facebook group would surface... Sooner or later, it will, if there is no improvement.  Or, consumers will vote with their money.


  1. Yes, I agree.

    And to make things worst, SIA actually owns a part of Tiger. It is disgraceful and highly unprofessional. And SIA can't even lend Tiger an aircraft or two?

    I say let's start an anti-tiger facebook!

  2. SIA & Tiger are two separate business entities, SIA for sure can lend Tiger an aircraft or two, if the price is right. It is all about money money and money. I like Tiger Airways a lot in the past, but now, hell no! They are after nothing but money. They used to be cheap & acceptable, but now it is more expensive than some normal airlines, such as Thai Airways, but the service...Sigh...