Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dave Wang's World Tour Concert - Singapore

Formerly I mentioned I would be going to Dave Wang's World Tour Concert in Singapore on 23 Oct, 2010 in this blog entry, and so I did last night.

The Max Pavilion at Singapore Expo was almost fully filled up.  In an interview with the media, Dave mentioned he worried sick about his concert's ticket sales, and he was afraid his concerts may not get more than 50% filled.  Now there is really no worry about that.  The concert attendees are mostly in their 30s and older.  The generation grew up with Dave's songs.

There were also fans coming all the way from Hong Kong and Japan to give their support to the star.  They were the only ones came with flash board cards.  Singapore fans are a lot more quiet and reserved, but they gave their support with their wallet :)

The concert started at 8pm, Dave appeared on stage in jeans and a jacket, that's all.  Nothing fancy.  No stunning opening, no stunning ending.  Through the entire concert, there was nothing glamorous, nothing fancy, it is a 'naked' concert, devoid of everything but music.

Dave sang 20+, close to 30 songs in the 2.5 hours concert.  He was singing, singing and singing, with the occasional chit-chat with the audience.  His songs usually have very high key, and extremely taxing on the voice.  Yet he managed it beautifully.  At the age of 40+ close to 50, his voice has deteriorated a bit, no longer as smooth as when he was a 20+ young man, yet it is still remarkable good.

The audiences, although mostly in their 30s and above, were surprisingly cooperative when Dave asked them to sing along, especially of those of his famous pieces such as A Game A Dream (一场游戏一场梦).

It was a night of pure music, a night of good old feelings from a super star.


  1. That was an awesome concert!!!!!! too bad i didn't get better seats...
    anyway, plz share the the photos i took last night with all the fans that missed the show. thx.

  2. Kristen,

    You have some great photos of the concert there. Thanks for sharing.