Monday, October 18, 2010

Sutera Mall @ JB

Went over to Sutera Mall in JB yesterday.  Sutera Mall is one of the suburban malls in the outskirts of Johor Bahru downtown.  The mall is not very big, there are only two stories.  The anchor tenant is CarrFour hypermart, so you can expect there is quite a bit of crowd here.  In its annex, there is a Peiking Restaurant with two or three wedding halls catering to traditional Chinese wedding banquet, so there is even more crowd.  However, there is a pity that there is no cinema in the mall.  Well, you should guess by now what is the most popular industry here :)

The shops in the mall are quite normal, and you can find similar restaurants in Bukit Indah mall too.  For example, you can find Tang Shifu here, you can find Stone Grill here too!

Highlight of this mall for me is actually JB Archery, a small little archery sanctuary tucked at one corner on the mall on level 2.  Here, you pay RM 10 for 18 arrows, or RM15 for 36 arrow, or if you are strong enough, you can pay RM20 for 60 arrows!  This is a lot cheaper than in Singapore.

The bowls they have are the cheaper normal bowls, not the carbon fibre type, which is quite understandable.  One carbon bowl costs like a couple of thousand dollars.  They also have assistants there to provide guidance and advice.

It is the first time in almost a decade for me to pick up a bowl.  All that I learnt in my archery course somehow has gone down to the drain and I could hardly remember anything :P  Anyway, after shooting for a while, I started to pick up a bit of the feel.  But, after shooting, my left hand pains like hell.

Anyway, it was quite fun doing shooting again.

How to get there?  From Singapore, you can take CW4s from Jurong East MRT station.  Under normal circumstances, it takes only 1 hour to get there.  However, if you go on Sunday, the CW4s service is partially combined with CW3, and you have to change bus after you arrive at Geylang Patan, change to bus 666.  Bus 666 takes a big big big detour and it takes another hour to reach Sutera Mall.

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