Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long Xia Zhou Shi Jia@Orchard Central

Saw this 1 for 1 promotion of lobster porridge at S$29.90 at Long Xia Zhou Shi Jia at Orchard Central, so we decided to give it a try.

The location of the restaurant is not bad.  Looking out from the window, it is youth park down below, and the skyscrapers in Orchard area, you see a very modern Singapore

The pickles they provide is not too bad, but it is kind of expensive, S$2.00.

Then our main course, the much anticipated lobster porridge came.  Each bowl has half a baby lobster.  The lobster is quite ok, not really extremely fresh, but still acceptable.  The best part actually is the broth.  I am not sure whether they put in a lot of MSG, or they really put in lots of high quality ingredients.  The porridge itself is a disappointment, I must say.  It is the teochew style porridge, put it simply, this means they simply dump some cooked rice into the broth and then call it porridge.

We also ordered the pork ribs, at the recommendation of the waitress.  The pork ribs are too dry, too lean, too tasteless.

Overall, the lobster porridge is quite ok, but I don't think I will come again at the full price of S$29.90 a bowl.  Just under the same roof of Orchard Central, another restaurant is offering half a baby lobster at the price of less than 10 bucks.

My rating: 3.5/5

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