Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bad Luck

Chinese are always good in expressing themselves, in a humorous and reserved way. They don't say bad luck, they say you have 'foul hands'. Just like people say you have 'green fingers', which means you are good at gardening work, a pair of foul hands will just bring 'death' to almost everything. If that pair of hands touch a project, the project will fail, or be cancelled, or be put on hold in the best case. If that pair of hands touch a specific stock, that stock will turn for the worse, usually from strong uptrend to nosedive downtrend. The owner of that pair of hands probably is just a stupid retail share investor, who is generous enough to contribute to the wealth growth of many other sophisticated investors.

In Cao Xue-qin's (曹雪芹) novel "The dream of the Red Chamber" (红楼梦), he described Lady Feng (王熙凤)as "Too smart for her own good". I strongly dispute this comment. She is NOT too smart for her own good, her failure is NOT due to her intelligence; instead, she failed miserably because she is still not smart enough, not sophisticated enough. If she is really smart, then she would ride through all the ups & downs of the four families.

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