Saturday, September 8, 2007

Squid Ink & Food

The first time I heard of people eating squid ink was a number of years ago on a TV travel program. That program brought TV audience to Hokkaido in northern Japan. A famous local delicacy is the squid ink ice cream. It was kind of disgusting to see the TV host's mouth & teeth turned black as he was enjoying the ice cream. First reaction: yucks! I will never try it.

Then two years ago, back in Milan, a plate of rice simmering in some black liquid was put on my dinner table. As I was scratching my head what that was, my Italian colleagues told me that was a local delicacy - rice with Squid Ink! It looks very much like a pile of rice dipped into that black liquid for Chinese calligraphy. However, the scent from that black pile was way too attracting to resist the temptation to give it a try. Once I tried it, then I couldn't stop. Never knew squid ink would have that appetising fragrance. I guess I must looked very ugly that night, with a black mouth & black teeth :)

Last week, CK bought for me from Milan two packs of squid ink pasta. Expensive stuff, the 500g pack of spaghetti cost 2.70 euros, while the 250g pasta cost 4.70 euros. Expensive they are, the good taste is worth the money. How good are they? You can eat them on their own :D

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