Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Bull Hunter

Just finished reading The Bull Hunter - Tracking Today's Hottest Investment by Dan Denning, published in 2005. I kind of wanting to kick myself while I was reading it. What the hell was I doing in 2005? If I had read this book then, now I would have plenty of cash ammunition in my pocket :D

The author shares with the readers a thousand-year old investment doctrine: Always use money to buy STUFF, stuff that can generate MORE money. In investment terms, those are things that you need for the economy to develop, natural resources such as oil, whose price has been soaring sky high in recent years.

Then he pointed out to the fall of America. Reason being Americans spend more than what they earn, coupled with the mismanagement of the country's finances by President George W. Bush, plunged the whole country into a debt-ridden nation.

This book successfully in 2005, predicted exactly what is happening now in 2007. Soaring commodity prices, the woes of the subprime mortgage market, they are in the book.

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