Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fake Supersampler Shots

Lomo is fun, but then for each roll of film I shoot, it will cost at least:

1. film: $2.50 - 3.50
2. Development: $3.50
3. Scan to CD: $5.00

Total cost is about S$10.00. It does not seem much for one roll, but if I shoot 10 rolls, the cost just snowballs to $100.00, which is more than the cost of the camera itself. This cost escalation is not acceptable in economic terms.

Last night, I learnt a trick from Clubsnap to merge many photos together and get that supersampler 'look'. Here is my first attempt, does it look like a supersampler shot?

There are pros & cons of using a DSLR as a Lomo.

1. ISO is changeable on the fly and as the need arises
2. Many different available lenses
3. Shoot digital, no film cost, development cost => almost 0 consequence cost

1. DSLRs are too big & heavy to carry
2. DSLRs attract too much attention when in action

1 comment:

  1. Another con is that the subject always seems to be in the centre of the picture, which is not natural. And I'd say also that the background should follow a straight line, proportional to the angle at which you held your camera. That, I think, is the biggest give-away of non-lomo shots. Zero points on that one for you here.