Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Distance Yourself From Complaining

Distance yourself from complaining, says Ven. Fazhao. Complaining brings only to you negative attitude, negative energy, affecting your ability to view things positively. In addition, complaining strains your relationships with people around, drive away good friends.

Distance yourself from complaining does not mean you don't see flaws in people, in society, in systems, etc, etc. It means you recognize all the flaws in life, all the defficiencies in life, the ugly side of human nature. You recognize them, and you try to make an impact on people's life, on the society, on whatever you think is not good, or not good enough. Instead of complaining, you think of ways to make improvements.

On the one hand, you are content with life; on the other hand, you make continuous improvements in life.

Distance yourself from complaining, so says Ven. Fazhao. It brings to you happiness, luck and fortune. :D

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