Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tibet - on Phoenix TV

A series of TV programs on Phoenix TV touching on the subject of Tibet have been compiled and made available at the Phoenix TV's website. Too bad, almost everything is in Chinese, but I think our English, or other language speaking audience should take a look as well.

No doubt there are differences between ethnic Tibetans and ethnic Han Chinese, they have vastly different views on life, and MONEY too. What they need is more communications between the two ethnic groups, more understanding, and more tolerance.

Remember, innocent people sometimes are taken advantage of by political figures. I don't why YouTube removed the video clip of the documentary from National Geography Channel. Before the Chinese entered Tibet, Lamas were the masters, and many ordinary Tibetans were nothing than slaves. This information from some Western literature, which is supposed to be 'objective'. The Kingdom of Tibet that some supreme spiritual leader wanted to establish is just to return to that glory past.

The Links are below:

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