Sunday, April 6, 2008

How to Increase Your Blog's Hits...

I was watching a repeat telecast of a talk show on Channel 8. The hosts and guests were discussing about blogging. The five guests present are all Singapore's successful bloggers, and the most prominent of them of course is the Singapore blog queen - Xiaxue. According to her, her blog has average 10,000 hits per DAY! For 3 years, she has not taken up any conventional job, solely making a living through blogging.

That is not very surprising, considering there are a lot more star-bloggers around the world, they are making equal amount of money every month, if not more. What is the big deal then? What irks me is the fact that she became famous because she bitched about others, ridicules people, stirring up contraversy, to attract eye-balls to her blog.

Ok, I am bitching about her here too. Anyway, the point I want to make is one way to blogging stardom is to stir up contraversy, cursing others. You can even collaborate with someone to start a war of words between the two, or many of you, then everybody involved will benefit from the war. Ah, this is the first time that I know a war actually does have some benefits.

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