Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ebene Bio-ray Knee Guard

Since I started to lead a more 'active' life a month ago, what I feared most happened again. My knees. There are pains in them again. I thought my knee pain had been cured but it obviously was not true. Those so-called 'joint food' don't seem to have much effect on me at all. So this time, I decided to try out those new bio-ray knee guard.

Bought a pair on Sat at the price of S$69.30. It is said to have the following efficacies:

1. Stimulate blood and oxygen circulation in knee & leg
2. Promotes metabolism and enhances energy
3. Revitalizes cells, and strengthens bone & soft tissues
4. Relieves knee problems
5. Eliminates water retention in knee & leg

I don't know how actually it works, but for the 5 stated benefits above, I can testify 1, from my 1.5 days experience. It seems like it does stimulate the blood circulation. My knees feel warm (but not sure whether because I have an extra layer of cloth around them) now.

The product also claims guaranteed results after a few minutes, and in 7 days, relieve knee pain. I am only into the 2nd day, so still 5 more days to go before I can tell you whether it really relieve my knee pain. What I can say now is it does help a bit on my knees. They don't feel so cold as before.

By the way, my $69 investment can only last me a mere 9 months. After that, I have to get a new pair. So, within these 9 months, I must make full use of the pair. Hopefully I can also let my mum try. She has worse knee problem than me, so the effect should be more pronounced.

Stay tuned for the results....


  1. Hi just to share with you, my mum just started using the knee guard. She had bad knee pain and was feeling better after using it for 2 nights. Even though her legs became swollen from the knee down, don't know why. Hope you can continue to share your experience with us. Many thanks.

  2. hello. I bought this product a week ago when I was in Singapore. Was a little pessimistic about the claim that it will relieve pain in 7 days but so far it seems to have made my knees feel a lot better...I play badminton and volleyball on a weekly basis and have been experiencing some pain on my right knee.. Since I started using this, the pain seems to have lessened...Hope the pain disappears for good...

  3. A follow-up post is here:

  4. I have tightness & pain on my right knee for months and have difficulty squatting and getting up. Felt more stiff after continous wearing for about 60 hours (remove only when bathing). Wear it again (overnight)after a lapse of 2 days. Feels a bit better. Lapse one day and wear again tonite. Yet to see result. ANYONE KNOWS HOW LONG OR HOW OFTEN WE SHOULD BE WEARING IT?

  5. I don't think it is a good idea to wear it all the time, especially if the knee guard is too tight. I would suggest you wear it only when you are in indoor air-con places, or when you feel cold.

  6. Hi, i tried using the knee guard. It definitely helps to relieve the pain a lot. I am now able to walk without it. Whenever, my knee hurts again, i put it back on. If it's too tight, it's probably too small for you. The guard comes in different sizes. Anyway, according to my physioterapist, we should wear the guard when we are doing our daily routine in the daytime. When night comes, it is better to take it off lest we become too dependent on them. i am doing just that. At the same time try doing some exercises to strengthen your knee and hem strings. I feel better now.

  7. I bought the socks version cos the weather is cold recently so I wanted to keep my feet warm. After probably 10 mins of trying the product just before I go to bed, I sat down watch TV for a while n felt palpitation... But cos my gastric problem also give me palpitation so I didn't give this attention. Though it happens in such an unusual timing/situation that my gastric problem seldom/never strikes. However I took it off. That night I hv difficult in sleeping, I thought it was my gastric problem... didn't believe socks can cause palpitation.

    Three days later I wore the socks again, this time wear it to run. Wore for 2.5 hours of running + walking. Felt energetic like nvr before. However that night I had insommia. At first I thought it was my gastric problem again. But the second night I am still hvg insommia, and it doesn't seem to be due to gastric problem... And it seems like even after the insommic nights, I am still feeling energetic... Don't know how long the effect is gg to last, really scared!

  8. My advise do not wear the knee guard to sleep it will cause leg swell through my experience.Only wear during daytime.

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