Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hong Kong - Deja Vu?

Some wise men say life comes in circles. Ten years ago, when I first visited Hong Kong, I was greeted with a Level 1 Typhoon Warning on the day of my arrival; and a Level 3 Typhoon Warning was my farewell gift.

Then when I visited Hong Kong this year, again I was greeted with a Level 1 Typhoon Warning; by the time I left the territory in the evening, I was again given a Level 3 Typhoon Warning as my parting gift.

Ten years ago, I prayed at the Temple of Heaven Big Buddha on Lantau Island in stormy weather; ten years later, I again prayed at the Temple of Heaven Big Buddha on Lantau Island in stormy weather. History repeats itself almost to exact detail.

Ok, enough about stormy weather. Let's talk about food in HK. We had our lunch at the food court at the shopping mall at Tung Chung MTR station. The name of the food court is Food Republic. Sounds like it is from a Singapore chain of food courts. I ordered a beef hor fun. The taste is not too bad, but not too fantasitic either. Total damage? HK$32.00. (S$1.00=~HK$5.70).

We had dinner at 池记。It is a small little shop (茶餐厅) at 84, Percival St. Causeway Bay (Tel: 2890 8616). The crowd seem to be mainly mandarin-speaking Chinese. My friend told me this store had been mentioned in many travel magazines, so it is a very popular place.

The food there is not bad. We ordered Beef String Rice, Wonton, Pork Rib noodle, & deep-fried fish-ball.

Beef-String Rice


Pork-Rib Noodle

Deep-Fried Fish-Ball

The Beef string is done nicely, but the catch is at the rice. The rice is no plain rice, but mixed with vegie & herbs. When the rice is presented on table, you can smell the fragrance. The Wonton is tender, but not as good as the ones that I had in Hualian, Taiwan, the one that CKS' son used to patron.

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