Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hellboy II - The Golden Army

Watched Hellboy II today at Cathay Causeway Point.

The movie is not bad. It has all the ingredients of a pop movie. Love, romance, emotions, conspiracy, magic, and of course, lots of fighting. It provides lots of entertainment and will not bore you out.

With such a nice movie, you would expect me to enjoy it very much, but to the contrary, I didn't. Not because the movie is bad, but because people are bad.

10 minutes into the movie, I suddenly smell some bad odour. At first I suspected it was my friend who was sitting right next to me. Then after a while, my friend moved from the seat on my left to the seat on my right. He said the couple behind him had bad odour. After that, I asked my friend to move to the right by one more seat so that I could move too. After all these movement, we could still smell the odour! Finally we moved to another row, seperated by the isle.

The smell was like someone having bad breath, or the smell of vomit. It was disgusting.

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