Monday, July 7, 2008

Traveling between Hong Kong & Guangzhou

Traveling between Hong Kong & Guangzhou is pretty easy and comfortable these days. From Guangzhou East Rail Station, you can choose either the direct train to Hong Kong which will bring you all the way to Hong Kong's Honghum Station in downtown Hong Kong; or you can take the express train to Shenzhen's Luohu checkpoint. Elsewhere, you can also choose to take a coach up. There are plenty of choices.

The direct train journey is about 2 hours from Guangzhou to Hongkong. It only takes one hour from Guangzhou to Shenzhen's Luohu checkpoint, but it takes 45 mins from Luohu to Honghum. The railway in the Hongkong side is too old for the trains to run fast.

In mainland side, the railways had been upgraded. The train speed had been raised significantly in the last few years. The trains are also different. The old KCR(Kowlong-Canton Rail) trains are just as old as the company itself. On mainland side, the train Harmony, gives you those seats as you see in areoplanes.

Interior of KCR Trains

Interior of Harmony Train in Mainland China

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