Sunday, July 11, 2010

DBS Vickers Market Update - 10 July 2010

Attended DBS Vickers' half-year market update seminar yesterday.  It was a very interesting seminar.  For record purpose, I attended two previous market update seminars as well.  In 2009's market update, they were pounding on the table to ask everybody to buy buy buy, and you already know what happened in 2009, STI went from 1400+ to can't remember what level, just remember STI moved up a lot.  Then in Feb 2010's market update, they were not so optimistic, saying most probably STI will hit major resistance at around 3000 points, and STI is still struggling below 3000 today.  And they recommended to buy Broadway.  The price at that time was about 70+ cents, now it is more than S$1.00.  But, the bad thing is I never followed their advice, so I am still a poor man :)

Ok, that's for the past.  During the seminar, one of the speakers shared his interesting view on the expectation of the appreciation of Chinese Yuan.  He mentioned a raise of workers' wages in China, and bascially he hinted that letting the Chinese Yuan to appreciate in value is going to be all bad, no good for China, but mostly good for the developed world (you know who). 

The same speaker also shared some interesting fact about the change of leadership in the coming years, and how it will affect the market.  That, again, is something interesting.  I am not going to write about what he said here, if you are interested, drop me a note.

Another speaker gave the audience the outlook for the Singapore market in 2H 2010.  If you have been following their daily newsletter, then it would not be too surprised to hear the same views. 

In a nutshell, the market seminar is quite eye-opening and it gave me a fresh perspective on looking at certain developments. 

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