Friday, July 23, 2010

Dave Wang World Tour 2010 (2010 王杰世界巡回演唱会 . 新加坡)

Secured myself a ticket to Dave Wang's World Tour concert in Singapore today.  Dave Wang's songs somewhat had been the companion of my growing up years, and his songs are sentimental.  After being absent from the Cantonese pop scene for so many years, he finally resurfaced in the past few years.  He had hinted this year's world tour will be his last and it is also his farewell concert. 

I have missed the opportunity to watch great singers, such as Micheal Jackson, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, perform whilst they were still alive, I am not going to miss this one.  It is the very first time that I went for the most expensive category of tickets, I have never ever been so willing to fork out 158 bucks for a concert, but, life is all about experiences.  The purpose of having money and wealth, and achieving financial freedom is to do what you want to do, and experience life to the full.  Just like one of Dave's most famous songs, A Game, A Dream, that's life!

I am so looking forward to his concert in Singapore in Oct!

You can find my post-concert review here.


  1. Where did you bought his concert tickets at?

    I didnt know that this time would be Dave wang's last ever concert in SG. But how true is this news from him?

    Because similiarly as you, I also grew up listening to his ballads since young & till now, I still adore him as much as before.

    I was still comtemplating on whether to get his tixs or not.

  2. gyp11,

    you can get the tickets from SISTIC (, search for Dave Wang). This is his farewell concert, according to his interviews with the media.