Sunday, July 25, 2010

TianTian Hananese Chicken Rice @ Maxwell Hawker Center

My curiosity made me queue up for another long queue stall at the famous Maxwell hawker center.  This time, the stall is Tian Tian Hananese Chicken Rice. 

Interestingly, this stall is right behind another famous stall, the Zhen Zhen Porridge, which I blogged about in this blog entry

Ok, back to the story.  At 11.30AM, at a time when most Singaporeans are having their breakfast, there was already a long queue at the stall.  Some of them are from as far away as Thailand!

I patiently waited in the queue and finally got my dear dear chicken drumstick rice, for S$3.50.

So here came my chicken rice.  They boasted that the rice is so fragrance that it can be eaten just on its own.  I was not sure whether I got a blocked nose, I didn't smell anything.  The rice was a bit dry, and you need to chew hard.

The chicken was not bad.  Very juicy (oily?) and tender.  Then that came the role of chilly sauce.  Somehow their chilly sauce has a super long lingering time.  One hour after taking the meal, that taste still lingered in my taste buds. 

My rating: 3/5

In my humble opinion, it is not really worth the wait.  :)

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