Saturday, July 3, 2010

Raindrops @ SCAPE Park

Went over to the Raindrops today for dinner.  Raindrops is small little restaurant hidden at one side of the newly opened SCAPE park behind Cathay Cineleisure in Orchard Road. 

The restaurant is really small.  The indoor section can sit at most 28 persons, while the outdoor section can sit another 20 or so people.  In the indoor section, you can see through the glass panels and watch the cook preparing your food.  The restaurant is small, so everything is crammed together, and it is not unusal to hear something dropping down or service staff bumping into each other. 

It seems there are two business owners there, both are young and handsome guys.  They were present at the restaurant, helping out here and there, but at least one of them is not really from the service industry.  He tried to sort out some utensils, but ended up making lots of noise and another service staff helped him get things back in order.  The waiters are most handsome young guys, but the service standard varies from person to person with a big difference.  The only waitress there seemed to be more experienced and knows how to serve. 

We ordered a salmon appetizer, and two different types of steaks for the two of us, both medium rare.  Presentation of the food is not bad.  They give you a sense of elegance. 

Taste-wise, I am not very sure about our salmon appetizer.  Somehow it tasted more like beef than salmon to me. 

The two main courses we ordered were not bad.  The steak in the foreground in the above photo is the ribeye steak, the one in the backgroup is M-something Beef.  In terms of taste, they are both on the lighter side, which is good, and suits me well. 

In comparison, the ribeye is a bit more chewy, while the M-something beef is more juicy, and tender.  If you let me choose again, I will choose the M-something beef.  If they can make the taste just a tat stronger, it will be perfect.

While I was waiting for my food, I observed the operation of this small restaurant.  In addition to the 2 business owners, there are 7 other employees.  One aunty in the kitchen responsible for washing dishes, 2 cooks, and 4 waiting staff.  One of the waiting staff seems to be a leader, taking care of the overall operation.  The two business owners take care of the cashier duty, and help out here and there. 

At 6.30pm, the tables in the indoor section were hardly full.  I am curious to know how long this restaurant can last, as I know it is open for about a month.  I noticed the plates and other utensils they use are all of good quality, not your basar malam goods.  With a total of 9 people serving around only around 12-15 tables, it may not be economically sensible.  Ok, let's see.  I probably will go back to check it out in 6 months time. 

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  1. it's tataki tuna (not salmon!), and that one is meltique beef which is a prime-cut steak