Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Forgotten

It has been 10 years, and somehow my presence in the same place for 10 years has been mostly unnoticed.  I have been waiting for the delusional 'opportunity' to come, and yes indeed it came, and went to others.  I was left totally unnoticed, forgotten, and mostly ignored.

It feels bad, really bad.  You have asked to do the hard work, take the difficult, challenging task but then credits went else where.

It is pointless, to lament about all that unfair treatment.  It is time to create that opportunity, instead of waiting for one.  Gathered enough courage, opened my mouth, and asked for an opportunity.  Some resistance, outcome less favourable, didn't get what I wanted, but no, I will not give up, I will try again.  I can't wait, I don't want to waste another 10 years in waiting.  Waiting without any action is just a waste of time, I must act, until I get what I wanted.

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