Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pompeii - Life in a Roman Town 75CE

The exhibition about Pompeii is now on-going in the National Museum of Singapore.  Admission is S$12 for adult, but on Deepavali day, it is FREE!  Thank you our Indian friends!

Pompeii was a prosperous Roman town in southern Italy, and it was buried under the ashes of Mt Vesuvian when the volcano erupted in 79 BC.  Thanks to the volcanic ashes, the town was well-preserved and two thousands years later, it is presented to us how people lived 2000 years before :)

Some stuff we only see in movies and TV dramas, gladiator's shoulder guards.

How can a typical Roman town have no naked statues?

And the Romans are never short of the sense of humour.  Do you see that thumb at that water jar handle?  When you pour water out, your thumb will be pressing against that 'thumb'.

Overall, it is a very interesting exhibition.  As the number of exhibits are not overwhelming like in the other big museums such as Louvre Museum, you can walk with a slow pace, read every single caption, take a detail look of each exhibit, it is pretty good, a worthwhile exhibition for you to consider.

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