Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tomi Sushi

Tomi Sushi is a Japanese restaurant hidden in one corner in downtown Singapore.  I wouldn't even know its existence if my friend didn't bring me there.

They have a very typical Japanese restaurant setting, with small tables, small chairs, and the typical cute and nice tableware.  What is different is they separate the dining space into different sections, separated by classic bamboo curtains, giving diners some much needed privacy in a crowded restaurant.

We ordered a set meal, which consists of a sashimi plate of 3 types of fishes, a sushi plate of 7 different types of sushi, and a bento of salmon plus tempura.

The sashimi plate is really good.  I can't name all the 3 different fishes, but I know there is tuna.  One of them is exceptionally good.

Our sushi plate.  The sushi is not bad too, and somehow sushi turns out to be a point of 'contention' between my friend and I.

Our bento set is not bad either.  The food is not only a feast to our taste buds, but also a feast to the eyes too.  The delicate arrangement of the food, the blending of colors make the food so much more appealing to the appetite.

Last but not least, Tomi Sushi is famous for the rice.  They use the high quality rice from a famous rice producing region in Japan.  The rice on its own is selling at S$3.00 a bowl, comes with a small plate of lovely pickles.  Well, the rice is soft and warn to the stomach and really warms the body.

It is a nice little Japanese restaurant, perfect for gatherings of close friends.  You can talk freely in comfortable private setting.  Price-wise it is obviously a bit more expensive, we spent about 70 bucks for 2, so it is reasonable.

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