Friday, November 5, 2010

New Lucky Claypot Rice

My friend recommended a clay pot rice at a coffee shop in Clementi.  Clay pot rice is not special, so what is the big deal of this one?  What is special about this one is they cook the rice on demand, that means the rice is not pre-cooked, and they use charcoal to cook the rice, instead of gas, so it is said that the rice is more fragrant.

So here came our clay pot rice, after a wait of about 30 minutes.  During non-busy hours, the wait is about 20-30 minutes, during busy hours, the wait is about 40 minutes.  You can tell the rice was cooked from fresh, but the other ingredients were not.  The chicken and the sausage were for sure pre-cooked and they were put onto the rice after the rice was about fully cooked.

Now let's talk about the taste.  The chicken and the sausage were just so so, can tell anything special.  The rice is indeed different from your electric rice cooker type of rice, but the difference is not really that big.  It is a little bit more crispy and as our Chinese put it, more 'fire'.  But it is really a matter personal preference, for me, rice cooker rice is more moisture, not so dry, suits my taste more.

We also ordered a bowl of lotus root soup.  The portion is quite big for the price of S$4.00.

My rating: 3/5

If you are a fan of traditional cooking, you might like the rice, other than that, the rest is pretty average.

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