Monday, January 17, 2011

Awaken The Giant Within

Title: Awaken the Giant Within
Author: Anthony Robbins

I have long heard of Anthony Robbins and his motivational talks used to be so popular in Singapore, especially in time of crisis, such as the Asian Financial Crisis.  Too bad the seminars were too expensive for a fresh grad, and never did I have the chance to attend one.  Plus, some people had some bad comments, which further pulled me back.  Until I read his book today, did I realize how wrong I was.

His book is truly inspirational, and I regret I didn't read it earlier.  He makes a seemingly confusing world a lot more clearer, just like some one with short-sightedness sudden have his glasses on.

In the book, he first tells you what affects a person's behavior/actions, don't expect a lot of factors, just two: pain & pleasure.  If doing something brings you pleasure, you tend to do it again and again; but if doing something brings you pain, esp a lot of pain, then you tend to drag if you have to do it again.

The the author continues to tell you why some people are forever unhappy.  What is the relationship between a person's values and rules and his life.  Do you expect a person with conflicting values & rules will ever be happy in his life?

What is more important is of course how to change your life for the better.  The author details the steps you can take to make permanent changes to your life, a better life, a more enjoyable life.

It is a book everybody should read at least, if not more.

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