Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jordan Egypt 2010 - Day 1: Amman

Due to time difference, we arrived at Amman's Queen Alia International Airport at 9.50am local time, still 19 Dec 2010 :).

It took us quite a bit of time to clear immigration.  First, we had to change our USD to JD at the bank so that we can pay the JD10 visa fee, then we had to get our visa, then we could go to the immigration counter to get our passport stamped.  There were only a few counters at the airport, I guess they only cater to small number of passengers.

After immigration clearance, we were greeted by a staff from our car rental company.  My friend sat down with him to get the paper work done, while I went to change my USD to JD at the banks at the airport.  I changed USD500.  The rate is the same as that inside the airport, and also they charged me JD10 as commission.  :(  JD10 can buy you almost 4-5 kebahs.  Anyway, being unsure where else could I change money, I just played safe, of course, with a price to pay.  My friend only changed his later at Madaba, which he didn't have to pay any commission.

The guy from the car rental company is a very nice guy.  He sat in our car to direct us to the petrol station to top up our petrol, then directed us to the right way to Jerash.

Wanna see how it feels like driving in Jordan?  Take a look at the video below.

The landscape is mostly barren, yellow, yellow and yellow, only occasionally you can see some green.  Their lanes are a bit narrower than those in Singapore, otherwise I think their road conditions are quite ok, traffic is not chaotic.

It took us about half an hour to go from the airport to the border of Amman, then from there, another half an hour to Jerash.  The map in our GPS is not really that up-to-date, and sometimes it directs you to the wrong way.  Sigh.  This happened when we reach Jerash town.  We circled around the modern town, while where we really wanted to go is the old town, where the Roman ruins are.  After quite a bit of struggling, and asking for directions from the locals, we finally managed to the Jerash Archaeologic park.

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