Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jordan Egypt 2010 - Day 1: Dubai

On Dec 19, 2010, full with excitement, we took Emirate flight EK349 via Sri Lanka to Dubai, and then from Dubai to Amman by flight EK901.

When we chose our airlines, basically we only had two viable choices, one is Qatar Airways, the other is Emirates.  In terms of price, the two are about the same, but in terms of timing, Emirates has some advantage.  Flight EK901 arrives in Amman at 9.50am, with this, you gain about a day's travel.  In comparison, Qatar's flight only arrives around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, with sunset in winter at around 4.30pm, you basically lost a full day with Qatar's flight.

There is something interesting I noticed with Emirates online prices.  If you book at around 12 o'clock noon, the price is about S$100-200 cheaper than you book in the evening!  I observed this for a few days and finally booked my ticket at 12 noon, which was around S$200 cheaper than if I did it the night before!

EK349 has to stop at Sri Lanka's capital city to let passengers alight and board.  The process is quite painful as you can't get out of the plane, and have to remain seated and just wait and wait.  To make things worse, the whole activity is not that well organized and there are quite a bit of chaotic elements in it.

Anyway, we finally arrived at Dubai International Airport, the wonderful city of GOLD, host to the world's tallest building!

The airport design is contemporary, which means it looks very much like the other airports that were built during the same period across the world, including Bangkok's new airport, Hong Kong's CLK International airport, and many many others.

But just to give you a feel how rich this country is, they even have an oasis in the middle of the airport building.

It is no big deal if it is in some other country's airports, but remember Dubai is a city in the desert where water is scarce.  And you see here such lush greens and a water fountain.

However, this indoor oasis is an important landmark within the airport, if you are traveling with Emirates.  Near this indoor oasis, there is a Emirates transit lounge.  If your transit time is more than 4 hours, then you can go there to have a free meal.  It is open buffet, there are not too many varieties, but the food is not bad.

In case you want to have a stop-over trip in Dubai, they have a strange rule that if your total transit time is less than 8 hours, they don't allow you to go out of the airport!  Oops, that goes our Dubai day tour :(

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