Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jordan Egypt 2010 - Day 2: Mt Nebo

We started really in the morning on our second day.  First stop?  Mt Nebo.  Any idea what is so important about this place?

This is where God showed Moses of the promised land, and also the place where Moses died and ascended to heaven (?)

Atop Mt Nebo, the wind was strong, the mist was dense.  Yet we still braved the wind, the cold to come up to the top.

me on the way to top of Mt Nebo, beside our rental car

From the top of Mt Nebo, you can have a good view of the Valley of Jordan.  It is said that on a sunny day, you can also see Jerusalem.  But, what do you see here...

It was so misty, hazy, we could hardly see anything beyond 1km.

Hey, bro, you are not God lah.  What do you want me to see in such a hazy day?  P complained that we came way too early in the morning, and Mother Earth was still covered under her veil.  Bro, holy land leh, so easy to see meh?  :P

Then since we were at Mt Nebo, I must show you the church (which was under renovation), and also the Mosaics.

Maybe it was the low season, again there were hardly any living souls at Mt. Nebo.  We enjoyed the quietness and peacefulness of this wonderful holy place.   My solute to Moses for his and his people's bravery!

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