Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Is Scoot Really a Budget Airline?

Scoot (flyScoot) today launched its virgin flight from Singapore to Athens.  Scoot is supposed to be a 'budget' airline, but is it really so?  I did a comparison.

I chose 17 Oct and 24 Oct as my departure and return dates.  Considering 30kg standard check-in luggage and including one meal.  The total cost for this is SGD857.59.  Total flight time is about 11 hours.

I then did a research at Skyscanner with the same dates.  I got the cheapest from Emirates.  The cost is SGD1027.00, with the same standard 30kg check-in luggage, a meal and some other benefits.  However, the flight time is about 19 hours, including a transit at Dubai.

The price difference between the two airlines is ~SGD170.00, flight time difference is about 8 hours.

Other differences between the two airlines for you to consider:

1. Scoot uses Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  The leg room is quite crammed.  I am not sure whether there is any in-flight entertainment system available on-board.  For Singapore to Perth, I confirm there is NO in-flight entertainment.

Emirates uses AirBus A380-800, which is a super jet, or Boeing 777-300.  Both have in-flight entertainment.  Leg room in A380-800 is very comfortable.

2. For Scoot, I guess you have to pay for everything on-board.  For Emirates, you can enjoy some 'free' drinks such as orange juice, apple juice, beer, wine on board.

Which one is better?  I think it is very subjective.  For the young crowd, probably Scoot makes more sense.  You can get to your destination faster, at a lower price.  For the more mature crowd like myself, I most probably will choose Emirates instead.  It is more comfortable, a stop-over at Dubai provides some breathing time from an otherwise very long journey.

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