Sunday, June 18, 2017

London Dubai 2017 - 6

Having enjoyed the beauty of St Jame's Park, we moved towards Buckingham Palace for the Change of Guards ceremony.  To be frank, I was totally confused of what was happening for the whole process, and many tourists there were just as confused as myself.  I suggest you visit Change of Guards website to get some very useful information.

The entire Change of Guards process stretches over a large area, from Wellington Barracks to Buckingham Palace's forecourt.  There are many places for photography, however, unless you can run really fast, you probably can only manage to take photographs at some selected places on a single day.  Outside the railing of Buckingham Palace's forecourt, where the ceremony actually takes place, is crowded at least one hour before the event.  Another location, which is quite a disadvantage viewpoint, is the Victoria Memorial.  You have to be a tall guy and stand on your toes to get a glimpse of what is going on on the other side of the railings.

Household Cavalry Ride Past

Costumes of the guards are colorful, full of tradition, although they may seem Greek to young people and visitors from other cultures.

Guards Marching Towards Buckingham Palace

The Change of Guards process starts at 10.30am, ends around 11.45am.

Having witnessed the colourful Change of Guards, it was time to fill our tummy.  Straight we went to Burger and Lobster, a restaurant situated in the chic London Soho area.

Burger and Lobster Restaurant

The restaurant front looked very ordinary, totally unnoticeable to say the least.  Once inside, it was completely different.  Lots of customers for a weekday lunch.

Restaurant Interior

I got to know this restaurant from LadyIronChef website.  They recommended the lobster set lunch, which cost £23.00,  for a 1 lb lobster, served with sides of chips and salad.  I decided to add a pint of lager to accompany the good food.

1 lb Lobster Set Lunch

You can choose how you like the lobster cooked, steamed and grilled are two of the options.  The lobster was very fresh.  Meat was firm and sweet.  It was ecstasy after a morning of good walk around the city.

So much for today.  Until my next post, bye...

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