Saturday, June 17, 2017

London Dubai 2017 - 5

19 May, 2017, our second day in London.  Suffering from jet lag, my friend and I both woke up at around 4.30am.  Sunrise was early in London, by 5.30am, it was already very bright.  We decided to have an early start for the day.

Paddington Metro Station at 6am

By 6am, we arrived at the Paddington Metro station.  It was quiet and few passengers were there.

Circle Line Metro at Paddington Metro Station

The station is very old, although it had been refurbished.  The building very much looks like from the industry age, with high, red brick walls, reminds me of industry era factories.

Circle Line Train

The metro train for the circle line is modern, has ample space.  In the next days, I will show you a more traditional London Metro train interior.

Big Ben, Westminster Palace and Bridge

Our first stop was Westminster.  This is where you would see the famous London landmarks such as the Big Ben, Westminster Palace, which houses the parliament, and the Westminster Bridge.  It was a cloudy and gloomy day, with rain drops drizzling from the sky.  The air was chilling.  What a first hand experience of London's famous bad weather.  If mist had been added to the scene, I would very much feel being in a scene of Sherlock Holmes' detective stories.

We walked across Westminster Bridge, and scouted for some vantage points for the Big Ben.  London eye was just around the corner.  We went past London Aquarium,  Golden Jubilee Bridge, Charring Cross Station, Trafalgar Square, eventually ended up in St Jame's Park.

St Jame's Park is a lovely public park, with lushes of green in the center of London, right in front of the Buckingham Palace.  The ceremonial guards for the palace sometimes would march past on their way back to their barracks .  We were so lucky to witness one such march-past ourselves.

There are also many animals in the park.  Gray squirrels would keenly approach park visitors for food.

When it feels threatened, it would also bloat up its body to scare away the enemny.

Gray Squirrel Acting Up

So much for today.  Until my next post, bye...

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