Friday, August 31, 2007

Expired Films & A New Toy

Last Chinese New Year, I collected a few rolls of expired films from my Mum. So few people are shooting film these days, even my Mum is going digital :D The poor films just lied at the bottom of some drawer until they were 'discovered' and found expired. What the hell do I want to get expired films? Even non-expired films are of low demand in this digital age. Haha... My original intention was to use them as my product shoot 'models', but now, I discovered another way of making good use of them, a more creative way. What is it? Mmmmh, I would like to keep you guessing for now.

Tomorrow, I am going to the Army Open House to play with my new toy. Feeling very excited about it. What is my new toy? It will not be too difficult to guess if you read my recent blog entries ;P Keep guessing, and stay tuned.... :)

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