Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Busy Days

Last week, my project leader transferred to another department, so this week, I have to do all the dirty work that a project leader should do myself. It is kind of crazy. Usually I won't get more than 5 emails a day or even a week, but now my inbox is flooded with all kinds of emails, with all kinds of interesting requests, demands, etc, etc, everyday. It doesn't matter whether they know me or they don't know me, they just send in their requests, demands, & sometimes opinions. Out of the blue, I have become everybody's good friend :) Whilst just last week, I was still enjoying my quiet and peaceful semi-retirement life.

Being in a small team, I don't have that many people that I can 'empower'. Well, if I can, I am more than willing to empower 100% of work to whoever inspired to be the next project leader :) Mmmh, I suddenly have this spark. I should start a competition within the team called "The next Singapore Top leader". Hahaha..... I wonder whether the guys (& gals, of course) would be interested.

Being a project leader is never easy. You have to please your boss, your customer, & even your subordinates. A ball will be a perfect model for any project leader in this world. It is ALL rounded; it can go anywhere; it can cushion whatever heavy impact, and then bounce back.

Ok, I will stop my mumblings here. I just feel a bit amused today that I found out my boss does not have much idea of what I do at work.

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