Monday, October 29, 2007


A few months ago, someone offered me something. He said he had made the recommendation and everything was going places, we just needed to wait for the outcome.

Today is the outcome. A number that had sturbornly remained the same for a couple of months. What had been offered is not delivered, hopes have been dashed. No explanation, not even a single word about it. I am puzzled. All the hard work is not appreciated.

This is the 3rd time disappointment. The 1st happened 7 years ago, the 2nd happened 4 years ago. It happened again this year. The culprit of all these disappointments seemed to always be the same person. He clings so dearly to his redundant post and the only function of his is to yield whatever leftover power to block the advancement of the younger generation.

The following is good motto for this occasion:

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  1. dun seem to be able to leave comment on ur blog for some time. always kena reset .. trying once again to test ... LeiNaj