Monday, October 8, 2007

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement, a cliche in the Total Quality Management (TQM) world. You might have heard of it thousands of times, from school to work, everywhere, although people don't really seem to bother. Those who don't bother about it in his/her personal life will suffer.

The world is changing. Look around yourself. Casino was a no-no just a couple of years, but now the same group of elites that opposed casinos are now flag-bearers for casinos. Too big an issue for you to bother? How about housing prices? How about rent? Back in 1997, when I first came out to work, I still remember very clearly what the property agent said to us, "The owner will not consider anything below S$1800" for the 5-room flat right next to CCK MRT. It was the boom days. Then in 2004, a 3-bedroom condo unit, furnished, was only asking for S$1200. What a huge difference. Now, at present 2007, history repeats itself. It is boom time again. The same 3-bedroom condo unit is going for S$2500.

Do you see the point? Everything is changing. Those who can't adapt to the changes will be left behind; those who can't catch up with the changes will be left behind too. Forget about the preachings of everyone is equal. It is never true. Darwin taught the theory of natural selection, the essence of which is survival of the best.

For the current boom, I have not benefited anything from, but suffered quite a bit. Rising inflations, skyhigh rent, skyhigh housing prices, but stagnant income. Who is to blame? Myself. Those who spotted the uptrend earlier have been making huge profits ever since 2004. The power of the wealth accumulated over the years just starts to unleash today.

So continuous improvement is a must for everyone, every organization to survive, to grow stronger. It is not something for show, to get the high quality paper.

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